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What's your investment in a new website? That's a loaded question since no two sites are similar. We strive to give you the best site for your buck.

New site setup: $4,875.00.
This ONE time fee will get you setup and running on Hits In a Box Pro and includes a custom design that fits your company and its needs. We will work with you to develop three layouts for your new website. One home page design, and two interior page design options. We can easily create additional layout templates. Our price includes all base system apps and functionality. Get system updates and enhancements at no charge.

Additional apps: prices vary.
The prices for each application vary from $275.00 and up, depending on your needs. If you purchase multiple apps we've been known to throw in some apps to welcome you to our program. If you would like an estimate, just contact us to find out. For each app there is a ONE time fee. We include App updates and additions to you at no charge, enjoy.

Subscription costs: starting at $99 a month.
The monthly subscription pays for your website hosting, daily content backups, no-charge upgrades, system updates, standard license, ongoing services and support (up to five hours annually), and site security.

When you consider that winning online can mean the difference between success...and lack of success, we think you'll agree that Hits in a Box Pro is a smart marketing investment for your company or organization.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

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