Spend less time on it. Get more out of it.

Sure, everyone says that they're the best. With Hits Pro you can become the web person your company needs. Our Content Management system enables you to climb the ropes in Google and increase your online ranking. Here are a few things that we're proud to say out loud about Hits Pro.

“So easy, a CEO can use it.”  — Steve Smith, CEO, Manitowoc / Two Rivers YMCA. Updating copy and images in Hits Pro is like editing an electronic Word document.

Stand out in a crowd.  Our design options help you avoid the cookie-cutter look of other sites. And because you can refresh copy and images when you like, your website will reflect your company as it grows.

American-built.  Boxed solutions like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal are not 100% U.S. made. We built Hits Pro all by ourselves in the heartland of America: Madison, WI.

SEO friendly.  We developed Hits Pro to create sites that run efficiently and produce results. Our approach lets you to take control of your website rankings.

Integrate social media.  Want to post a blog or news item on your site and share it in social circles? Just click a button and it’s published to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Cost and time effective.  No more waiting for someone else to make changes. With Hits Pro you make your own changes. Anytime. From anywhere with a connection.

Local 24/7 support.  We don’t farm out  customer service. Just use our support app to email your concern or question. We usually respond to any issues within the hour.

 Á La Carte apps.  No more paying for bundled apps you don’t need. We only give you a blog if you need one. Here’s a current sampling you can choose from:

If CEOs and auto mechanics can do it, so can you. Don’t believe us? Ask for a demo.

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